About us

 At Tacrider we are never satisfied with the status quo, our goal has always been to set ourselves apart from the competition. Tacrider was established by three brothers who value hard work, perseverance and the spirit of adventure. Our company motto "Find a way or make one" means that we will never accept the easy way out. As professional aviators our pursuit is to bring the quality and core values honed over many years in the military and civilian flying sector to the adventure market. Together we have personal experience flying F-16 fighter jets in combat over Afghanistan, specialized helicopter utility work and SPEC Ops aviation missions in multiple undisclosed locations around the globe.

Our love of motorcycles has been there through it all. Like flying, adventure riding stirs our emotions. We started TACRIDER to bring the distinct culture of Aviation and Special Operations to Adventure Riding. In doing so, we succeeded in creating the highest quality, Mid-Layer Jacket hand made in the USA - The "Tier 1 TacPro". A unique piece of gear that blends aviation and outdoor adventure, the TacPro distinguishes us from others while providing the utmost in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

We've set the bar high and will continue to set the standard as we add other top quality accessories to our line. Embracing our "find a way or make one" motto, we strive to create new and innovative products that meet the needs of the adventure community. Gear that any Rider, Pilot or Special Operator would be proud to include in his kit. We invite you to set yourself apart.


Invenium Viam aut Faciam  

"Find a Way or Make One